Lenka Love

I always make time to contribute to beneficial charity project. For years I have been helping to dog shelters in the Czech Republic. I organize campaigns to collect and deliver material donations to various animal shelters and I participate in their execution. Nothing beats the feeling to be there! Also, I financially support local and foreign NGOs working on improving lives of animals and use my social media platform to promote their activities. The idea shaping Love Dogs stands on a simple wish: I wanted my son to take part in service for the needy and I wished he would get actively involved in events around us. And I decided to lead our kids to the shelters, where else?

Libuse Foord

In the past years, caring has become my primary purpose in life. I hope for the society to perceive care-giving, nurturing and education the same way as any other work, work, that is usually valued more and ranked higher, not only financially, but also morally in terms of prestige and a human value. Concept Love Dogs and its fundamental idea caught my attention for its simplicity yet high implementation demands; for its certain amount of audacity and the very high hope, so distant, that we can hardly imagine it becoming reality – world without the need for dog shelters.

Arthur E. Benjamin

Love Dogs is a concept that has resonated thoughout my life, and now linking with Lenka and her team internationally is the most natural/latest development in this progression.
As the author of „Barking Up The Right Tree“, founder and president of American Dog Rescue Foundation, creator and co-host of „For The Love of Dogs“ TV show, and as a current and former board member/advisory board chair of numerous US national and regional animal advocacy organizations, my life is about loving all animals but especially dogs.
Drawn to the unique canine-human bond, I have not only participated in saving over 30,000 dogs, but trained service dogs for American veterans returning Afghanistan & Iraq with disabilities that are life threatening. A dog is the only animal that naturally will leave its own kind to save humans; as Lenka says DOG is GOD spelled backwards.
And, it’s up to us now to return the favor!

Katka Sonkova

I work as a model, a hairstylist, and a make-up artist, and I share my earnings equally with the weaker, abandoned, whether it is dogs or other animals in need. The love towards nature and animals lead me to vegetarianism, and for that, I am very grateful. Why do I help? Some years ago I realized it is simply my duty and most of all, it makes me happy. Half of my friends may find me crazy, but that will never discourage me from helping animals.

Jan Petr Nekovar

Jan Nekovar is a modern mentor drawing on his 15-year experience in personnel management and HR development. Among other accomplishments, Nekovar contributed to expanding the Blanchard´s Situational Leadership Theory. He is a founder of Evoering – a new form of a team and individual work. His attitude towards animals was suddenly changed by the famous ´talking´ gorilla Koko. Moreover, he was always vocal in his support of shelter dogs’ adoption and he has cared for a number of shelter dogs himself. And perhaps that is why he passionately teamed with Love Dogs. His unconventional approach, insight, and perspective help to shape the Love Dogs projects.